Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle diagnostics for almost all types of vehicles using X431 Diagun.

Company Profile


PAGES Company Limited, incorporated under Gambian law dealing principally in sales and service providing on petroleum equipment, automobiles and general engineering services. Our objective is to engage efficiently and responsibly and to maintain a long-term position in The Gambia and Africa in general.


We have highly experienced personnel in diverse areas including all aspects on gas station design, construction and maintenance, air conditioning and refrigeration, generators, vehicle maintenance and repairs and welding and fabrication.


PAGES offer a wide range of products and services


ØMaintenance and repairs of fuel service

station equipment

ØMaintenance & repairs of generators

ØMaintenance & repairs of vehicles

ØMaintenance & repairs of refrigeration and air conditioning units

ØBuilding maintenance & repairs

ØElectrical maintenance & repairs

ØEngineering design and consultancy

ØVehicle and spare parts sale

ØGenerator and spare parts sale

ØPetroleum equipment and spare parts sale

ØMask construction and installation

ØMask and Tower maintenance

ØTanker truck fitness testing

ØHSSE consultancy and training




   We offer...

  • FREE car wash after servicing
  • FREE pick-ups and delivery
  • FREE tire pressure checks
  • FREE consultancy on cars